Amerika verführt, fasziniert mich, manchmal glaube ich sogar, es zu lieben.
Sergio Leone



Mein Austauschjahr in






Until you spread your wings, you'll have no idea how far you can fly. - Unknown

Halli Hallo , tja dass ist sie: meine SITE, hier dreht sich alles um mein  Austauschjahr in  Amerika: blog, fotos, infos

Ein Austauschjahr mit vielen Tiefen und Höhen ...

Mein ganz alltägliches Chaos eben.

das große wie was und warum, die frage was mache ich den ganzen tag, die frage wie die leute und die schule sind, die frage wie montana aussieht und die fragewiweit ich von zuhause weg bin. Auf all diese und noch viele weitere fragen werdet ihr hier antwort finden (lasst euch biTtE NICHT VoN DIESER ChAOTIScHeN STARTSeITE ABSChreCKEN !!!)

Schaut euch ruhig ein bissle um... !!!!!

To al my foreign visitors: This page only exists in GERMAN!!!! ) 



                                                  Steffi <3


Der countdown zählt die Tage bis zu meinem rückflug am 10.6.12

Countdown till heading home


right now I already had visitors from over  38 different countrys !!!  :)

and visitors from 43 US-States :D

Thank u guys :)

Austausch- wiso/weshalb/warum ???


The story of an Exchange

Exchange is learning. It’s not simple learning, like what you get taught in school

It’s learning to listen, to speak, to think and to talk.

It’s learning to trust your own feelings and to find them first.

Exchange is tolerance, acceptance, friendship, love and hate.

It’s learning what things are really important for you and which things don’t count at all.

Exchange is learning that you don’t have to understand the life, you just have to accept it.

Exchange is learning to give and to take.


How do you know what tolerance means, if you never had to adapt?

How do you know what adaption is, if you never had to leave parts of your self behind in order to adapt?

How do you know what appreciation is if you never had to realize what it means to feel welcomed in a new home?

How do you know what family is, if you never had one who really supported you even if they didn’t like your decisions?

How do you know what modesty is, if you never gave up your passion.

How to you know what reality is, if you never had the chance to live a 2nd life?


Exchange is learning to reach something, learning to be successful.

IT’s learning to loose but still be proud on your self and feel like a champion.

It’s learning to know that you could have been better.

It’s learning to keep on running an endless run.

Its learning that you are stronger than you ever believed.

Exchange is learning how to laugh and how to motivate yourself and others.

It’s learning that everything can turn right, if you just believe in yourself.


How do you know what strength is, if you and the others would give up on my place?

How do you know what feeling lost means, if you never cried yourself to sleep because you hated your life so much?

How do you know what courage is if you never decided to leave everything behind and start a new life?

How do you know what cowardice is, if you’ve never been too afraid to tell your team that you’ll leave them?

How do you know what being crazy means, if you’ve never went to a country, in order to live there, without being there before or knowing the language?

How do you know what being proud means, if you never had the chance to say that you reached something on your own?


Exchange is learning to smile even if you’d like to cry.

Exchange is learning that big parties are not necessarily the best.

It’s learning that it’s ok to be alone at home on Saturday evenings.

It’s learning that loneliness is not getting better in a group.

It’s learning that it’s sometimes ok to cry but to know at the same time that it won’t help.

Exchange is learning to find a way to fight your homesickness.

It’s learning that it needs a strong will to stay if you rather want to be home.

It’s learning, that being bored are just lazy thoughts.


How do you know what impossible means, if you’ve never figured out that this word doesn’t exist?

How do you know what growing up means, if you never had to learn that you have to leave your childhood behind, in order to start a new life chapter?

How do you know what responsibility is, if you never had to represent your whole nation?

How do you know what honesty is if you’ve never been honest to yourself?

How do you know what dependent means, if you’ve never stuck at home without being punished?

How to you know what hope is, if you gave up believing?


Exchange is learning, learning to treat people as people.

It’s learning who you really are and learning who your friends are and who the people you want to have as friends.

It’s learning, that some people miss you more, that they’ve ever told you before.

It’s learning to realize and appreciate how great friends you have far away.

Exchange is learning that to build a friendship takes a lot of time and patience.

Exchange is learning what superficial means and that you better stay away of those people.

It’s learning that the worst pain is it to feel ignored and alone.

It’s learning that teenagers all over the world are the same.


How do you know what missing means, if you’ve never been far away from all you knew and loved?

How do you know what distance is, if you never wanted to hug your friends, but they where to far away?

How do you know what depression is, if you’ve never been at a foreign place and felt lost because you didn’t understand a single word?

How do you know what a surprise is, if you never tried things a whole new way and it worked as well as the way you knew?

How do you know what “to remember” means if you never figured out that you have to leave the past behind if you want to start living here and now?


Exchange is learning how to pack your life in a suitcase and how to fill a room with a lot of things.

Exchange is learning what spirit is, it’s something in the heart of the people.

Exchange is learning that being popular is just an unnecessary and bad habit, that doesn’t count in another place.

It’s learning, that a strong will and a will to work hard are essential, and that you always have to keep your goals, dreams and visions right in front of you.

It’s learning that your mommy and your daddy sometimes don’t know the right answer.

It’s learning that every experience is worth it even if it’s a really bad one; an experience is something no one can ever take away from you.


How do you know what a dream is, if you’ve never dreamed to make one come true?

How do you know what “true life” means, if you never had to make the experience to live alone?

How do you know what experience is if you’ve never created your own adventure?

How do you know what an adventure is if you never had to pack your whole life in a suitcase?

How do you know what boarders are if you’ve never reached your s?

How do you know what a chance is, if you have never used one?

How do you know all this, if you have never been an exchange student?


Exchange is learning to realize that dreams can come true.

It’s learning to be thankful, thankful for a simple smile; a talk; a ride or any nice, small sign.

It’s learning that all those little things can make you to the happiest person all over the world.

Exchange is learning to realize the true meaning of “being thankful”

Exchange is learning to speak without knowing the right words.

It’s learning that to learn a new language is not as hard as it seems.

Exchange is learning, learning how to live!!!


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